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How It Works

We’ll choose a teacher and program that best fit your learning style and goals. Our Student Support team will keep track of your progress to ensure that the goals are being accomplished.

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Take An Introductory Class

You will learn the system and we will design with you the best path that can get you to fluency

Will I meet my teacher in this class?

You will meet one of our qualified native teachers. They will assess your learning style, level and goals in order to pair you with the most suitable teacher.

Should I have previous knowledge or there is a level 0?

No need! Our curriculum and teachers are prepared for students of all levels, and they can provide an introduction to the language to those with no previous knowledge.

Meet Your Teacher and Set Up Your Schedule

Global Spanish Steps - Schedule
Once signed up, your assigned teacher will be in touch to confirm the best schedule for your classes
Can I book my classes in different hours and days instead of using a recurring schedule?

Absolutely! If you have a hectic schedule, you can access your teacher’s calendar and schedule classes at different times, according to your availability.

Can I have more than one teacher?

Yes. We can set up the best schedule for you with the available teachers so your experience is diversified.

What if I miss a class?

You can always reschedule classes with your teacher. You can also reschedule with another teacher if the assigned teacher is unavailable at other times.

Study Spanish Online - Global Spanish

Get To Work

Our class formats will lead you to work on the different skills of the language as quick as possible!
How do classes adapt to my needs?

Every student has their own reasons for learning Spanish, as well as their own capabilities and pace. Our team will figure out which ones are yours and devise a working plan to help you learn quickly and effectively.

How long are the classes?
Classes are mostly 45-60min long, depending on the complexity of the lesson. But they can be adapted to your own schedule, so the teacher can make them shorter or longer for you.
Am I allowed to ask for specific learning content?
Yes. Some students find specific content to be very useful. Consequently, they share it with the teacher so that it can be included in the personalized program.

So, Why Global?

Native Teachers

We have welcomed teachers from all over Latin America, and this has had a significant impact on our student’s language enrichment.

Rated 4,7/5 On Trustpilot

We’re proud of all the students who have trusted us in their language acquisition period. Check out what they say about our service!

Guaranteed Fluency

The ability to adjust to our students learning styles has helped us in guiding them to fluency in the quickest period possible.

Your Purpose Is The Target

If you are learning Spanish for professional purposes, we will adapt the program and focus directly on your working area.
Why Learning Spanish Online - Global Spanish


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United States
I have learned so much. My spanish has improved more in 2 months than the entire 12 months previously while living in Latin America.
turkey spanish classes


These lessons are my first experience in Spanish. While learning Spanish I am learning culture with Alix, she is like a friend. Also, all the team is really kind.
australia spanish classes



My teacher is friendly and patient, which really helps me gain confidence in speaking in Spanish. I can tell my speaking and reading comprehension have improved drastically since I’ve started.

Spanish classes UK



Honestly, amazing. I am very happy to have found Global Spanish. Having the 101 classes has been super helpful to improve my Spanish quickly. Highly recommended!

Got Questions?

Our student support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have! Get in touch via or check out our frequently asked questions.
Learning Spanish Questions - Global Spanish

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