How Fast?

We will take you from zero to conversational in ONE MONTH.

Imagine how much easier your life will be…

You see, here is the thing.

Everybody claims to have the best system, the best App, the best pricing.

But all of the other schools, all of the other methods have one problem…

The system that works BEST for you is probably not the same system that works best for somebody else.

HI I’m Gaby Vivas

  • I studied linguistics in Venezuela.I speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

    • I have worked as a teacher and translator across the globe…
    • So i actually understand what you are going through.
    • I know how difficult it can be showing up in a new country…
    • Unable to communicate
    • Unable to speak the language
    • Unable to get things done
  • I have also witnessed first hand how other Spanish language schools and applications FAIL to actually teach you conversational Spanish.

    • And why do they fail?
    • Because they teach everybody the SAME thing.
    • I want you to think back to your highschool Spanish class.
  • I want you to think back to your highschool Spanish class.What do you remember?Exactly!

    • The truth is nobody remembers their highschool Spanish. 
    • And if you do remember something…
    • You probably remember a single phrase like Donde está la biblioteca?
    • And I don’t think anybody really cares where the library is…
    • I am going to explain to you what we do differently…

But first I want you to hear from a couple of our former students.

This is the type of results you SHOULD expect in 30 days.

30 days to conversational Spanish.

We make it really simple…

How do we do it?We tailor our program to YOU.

Here is what you can expect…

  • 12 hours of online one on one classes

  • Conversational club

  • Digital exercises

  • Access to books and podcasts

  • Biweekly progress report

  • Weekly goal accountability

And the best part…

We teach you what you WANT to know…And
what you NEED to know.

A completely customized program…

That understands every single student is unique.

No other program out there offers what we do…

And at only $199 per month this is the BEST investment you can make in yourself.

That comes to all little more than $6 bucks a day

Money back guarantee


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